Daughters Forever, Sons Forever Book - $19.95

Daughters Forever, Sons Forever Book - $19.95
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Parenting is HARD; so hard in fact that parents who fight to raise Godly teens can sometimes feel as if they're engaged in a full-scale culture war. Well, they are! And Daughters Forever, Sons Forever is their field guide. 

Daughters Forever, Sons Forever - the book - offers Catholic parents solid information, sound research, and practical advice to help them guide their adolescents and teens through the minefield that is modern culture. Written from a decidedly Catholic perspective, it is for any Christian parent wanting to form teens into solid Christ following adults with their purity and health intact.

Daughters Forever, Sons Forever has been granted the Nihil Obstat/ Imprimatur by the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Mpls in June 2009.

The book is also available in Spanish: Hijas Para Siempre, Hijos Para Siempre.

Written by Linda Kracht. 

"Daughters Forever, Sons Forever is a must read for anyone who cares about sharing the faith with children and teenagers. Written by a mother of seven with years of experience on the front lines of the culture war. This book is packed with examples of how to the speak truth with love to your children and how to guide them though the seemingly endless streams of vulgarity and profanity so prevalent today. Daughters Forever, Sons Forever fortifies parents and calls mothers and fathers to full parenthood. Mrs. Kracht knows and shows that parents still count. Your children want to hear from you. Read this book and you will know what to say and do!" - Ruth Thompson

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