Parenting Against the Tide - Registration Only

Parenting Against the Tide - Registration Only
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Parenting Against the Tide is a training program for parents of adolescents and teens. It is comprehensive and complete; it is presented in a series or a single day (8 hours) event. The program content is as much about parenting as it is about teens. Parent follow-up is part of the program.

The goals of the training are:

  • To restore parents' confidence as they try to raise authentically Catholic young people.
  • Discuss faith, morality and sexuality topics (burning issues of the day)
  • Review decoys and landmines getting our teens' attention.
  • Support discuss good parenting.
  • Invite parents to take up a meaningful role in the New Evangelization.

Parents can register here for any of the events.

Materials to think about purchasing are: Daughters Forever, Sons Forever, Daughters Forever, Sons Forever workbooks (choose either Fathers/Sons or Mothers/Daughters), and Daughters Forever or Sons Forever Downloadable Audio files.

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