Mothers Forever, Fathers Forever: Parenting Against the Tide

Mothers Forever, Fathers Forever: Parenting Against the Tide
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All parents want to do what’s right by their children. That’s the one common link between parents regardless of different religion, ethnicity or worldview. For too long, parents have been told that it takes a village to raise a child; but it doesn’t. This saying rubs up against the long held catholic principle of subsidiarity for families; many parents do not even know what the latter involves or means.

Mothers Forever, Fathers Forever offers a fresh perspective on parenthood and its unique responsibilities and obligations. The book is guaranteed to surprise, challenge, reassure and fortify the reader. Mothers Forever, Fathers Forever asks parents to be revolutionaries; to swim against the tide. 


346 Pages

The book is perfectly designed for parents’ study/discussion groups or as an individual study. It also makes a great gift for your married children with children. Linda is available to introduce this to any parish or independent study groups. 

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